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dog-eat-dog-003Story of CHANCE

“CHANCE the Movie” tells the story of Chance, a pit-bull puppy with a peaceful heart and an imaginative mind. Chance is taught to value life and that all dogs should live in harmony. Unfortunately, Chance is soon torn from his happy home and purchased by a cruel human owner.



dog-eat-dog-004To Chance’s horror, he learns that his new owner intends him to grow up and compete in the brutal world of professional dogfighting…to the death. Growing to adulthood in the yard, Chance manages to hold on to his values despite the fact that he will eventually have to enter the ring of death. Unwilling to betray his beliefs or fight his fellow dogs with whom he has made friendships, Chance escapes from the yard and ventures into the big world for the first time…alone. By tragic irony, Chance soon finds himself immersed even deeper in the bloody world of dogfighting.


dog-eat-dog-005To prevent himself from totally succumbing to violence and expectations of being a “fighting dog,” Chance must risk his own life and reclaim his peaceful beliefs to bravely challenge the system that is causing the self destruction of his own kind.

Every year, around the world, thousands of innocent dogs are forced to fight to the death for the entertainment and capital gain of humans. After a heartbreaking encounter with a real-life fighting dog, the creators of ” CHANCE the Movie” were inspired to make a film that would tell the story of dogs that are forced to fight to the death.

Instead of telling the story from the perspective of a sympathetic human, the filmmakers decided to enter the world of the dog themselves, where they had their own hopes, fears, beliefs, culture, and love. Pulling no punches, the creators endeavored to make a film that was emotionally impacting, brutally educational, and thoroughly entertaining.




Main character. Peaceful, imaginative, and inspiring, Chance is a true dreamer. Since he was a pup, Chance has had a bright optimism that serves as an inspiration to everyone around him. When thrust into the brutal world of dogfighting, Chance struggles to maintain his beliefs and hopes for a better place. His greatest goal is find a peaceful home for he and Sugar.


Warm, loving, and supportive, Sugar has been in love with Chance since they were pups. She is first to stand by Chance when he makes plans to find a better place. Even when she is separated from Chance, she never loses faith in him or the things he taught her.


Chance’s best friend since they were pups. Hannibal is natural fighter. Brave, strong, stoic, he quickly adjusts to the brutal world of dogfighting. Even excels. Although he dislikes fighting and killing, he doesn’t have the faith or imagination to hope for something better.


A mangy street dog who befriends Chance on the streets. Comic relief. Not a fighter. Streetwise and supportive. Teaches Chance a valuable lesson and is inspired by Chance in return.


A seasoned fighter (with the battle scars to prove it), Thor is cynical, disciplined, and institutionalized. Thor is such a masterful fighter, he is utilized by his master to train others in killing. Thor has a good heart deep down, but believes that the world of dogfighting is the only world there is.


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